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TAG | Marie-Claude Poulin

interdisciplinary, dance, digital performance, in collaboration with kondition pluriel, 30min.

Any device, whether analog or digital, can, by its control of its environment, release expressive potential through the specific configuration of its constraints. Here, boxes, manipulated like pieces of a puzzle and acting as excrescences and extensions of two dancers’ bodies, are, in turn, antennae, light reflectors,
and projection surfaces. Between hard and soft bodies, shell and flesh, a series of osmoses, contaminations, and generative processes unfolds. The performance space is transformed into a number of organic sculptural compositions that are prolonged and elucidated by augmented reality. Playing with the spectators’ perceptions, Enjeux evolves as a non-linear poetic narrative, replete with disparate illusionistic visual and audio references, in which beings, places, systems, and objects blend together in a flow of convergence.

Concept and artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin

Choreography: Marie-Claude Poulin

Media environment: Martin Kusch, in collaboration with Andreas Haider

Performance: Laura Unger and Nina Vobruba

Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge

performed: 27.November 2014 @
convergence – an international summit on art+technology”, Banff Centre, Canada


10806352_10153471972318438_5734544681419840181_nPhoto credit: Rita Taylor / The Banff Centre


14_enjeux-0310 14_enjeux-2-2


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