Andreas .muk. Haider


I participated at this Years Edition of the Biennale Mediascape in Zagreb with the Theme: “Tactical Topics”.
Initially i was invited by the Curator Isin Önol to show my installation “skia”, but as a very sad fact one of the organizers of the Biennale died, Heiko Daxl.
Ingeborg Fülepp managed to organize the exhibition by herself, but unfortunately she was not able to provide the technical requirements to exhibit “skia“. So she asked me to show “disc.” instead, which hadn´t been exhibited since 2 years. This was a bit of a challenge, because it needed to be repaired and restored. But when i saw the picture of the exhibition space HDLU i was amazed by the formal affinity.



As in every international exhibition you got to know some very interesting artists. Besides others, one of them i have to mention is Michael Saup
He made a very nice atmospheric diary of the exhibition he dedicated to Heiko Daxl, who he knew personally.

Zagreb Diary from Michael Saup on Vimeo.

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