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cameratracking online resources

I assembled a collection of resources, videos, installations, theory, history around the topic “cameratracking” with loads of links. of course its not complete and just a snapshot in time > things are moving forward day by day. especially with the fantastic work of the ever growing opensource community! but please send me an email if you have modification suggestions.
you can also find the minmap as html file here (full resolution, but needs java) and the mindmap file here. created with freemind
I also uploaded the presentation as pdf here – (the videos and explanations are missing)
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gamuza * tracking tool

i attended a workshop in moddr lab in rotterdam about a fantastic tracking tool called gamuza
gamuza interface
its a nice tool emanuele mazza created out of pre existing tracking technics.
he composed them in openframeworks – so its a fast tool with nice and easy user interface able to send specific tracking data via OSC to your appropriate client.
perfectly suited for artist who dont need to have a deep programming knowledge.

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