Andreas .muk. Haider

water.rl (2007)

the installation water.rl is playing with the perception of reality.
games are getting real – reality turns into a game.
a computer monitor is the visual interface and clear border between virtual and physical space.
what happens if this border moves and the simulation expands into the physical world ?

virtual space is rapidly moving forward into our every days reality and often makes it hard to perceive the border between virtual and physical space.
how dynamic is the borderline ? and how dynamic and flexible are the laws of the physical space and our environment to take the implication of virtuality ?

a water tap is mounted on a computer monitor, which is placed on the floor and has it´s viewable side on the top. turning the tap on starts a video which simulates running water filling up the monitor. turning off stops the video. if the monitor seems to be full of water – real water is coming out of the screen ! the installation pretends to get damaged by simulating a shortcircuit and switching of the system. but the monitor is sealed and after 2 minutes the installation is working again.

exhibited @ misused media 2007 @ digitale kunst @ universität für angewandte kunst wien

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