Andreas .muk. Haider

real. (2007/08)

the short film real. is playing with the perception of reality.
a computer monitor is the visual interface and clear border between
virtual and physical space.
what happens if this border moves – or even disappears ?

games are getting real – reality turns into a game.

virtual space is rapidly moving forward into our every days reality and often makes it hard to perceive the border between virtual and physical space.
How dynamic is the borderline ? And how dynamic and flexible are the laws of the physical space and our environment to take the implication of virtuality ?

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screening/prices :

* Contravision Filmfestival Berlin, 2010
* Winner “Kunstclip” Competition 2008, University of applied Arts Vienna
* Videomedeja Novi Sad Serbia 12/2008
* Video Art Screening Krems 08
* One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, Switzerland 2007
* NoBudget VideoFilmfestival Heilbronn, Germany