Andreas .muk. Haider

interdisciplinary, dance, digital performance, in collaboration with kondition pluriel, 30min.

Any device, whether analog or digital, can, by its control of its environment, release expressive potential through the specific configuration of its constraints. Here, boxes, manipulated like pieces of a puzzle and acting as excrescences and extensions of two dancers’ bodies, are, in turn, antennae, light reflectors,
and projection surfaces. Between hard and soft bodies, shell and flesh, a series of osmoses, contaminations, and generative processes unfolds. The performance space is transformed into a number of organic sculptural compositions that are prolonged and elucidated by augmented reality. Playing with the spectators’ perceptions, Enjeux evolves as a non-linear poetic narrative, replete with disparate illusionistic visual and audio references, in which beings, places, systems, and objects blend together in a flow of convergence.

Concept and artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin

Choreography: Marie-Claude Poulin

Media environment: Martin Kusch, in collaboration with Andreas Haider

Performance: Laura Unger and Nina Vobruba

Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge

performed: 27.November 2014 @
convergence – an international summit on art+technology”, Banff Centre, Canada


10806352_10153471972318438_5734544681419840181_nPhoto credit: Rita Taylor / The Banff Centre


14_enjeux-0310 14_enjeux-2-2


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Dynamic Projection Institute



Viennas next top Artist

Collaboration with Gods Entertainment
Camera and Postproduction
Inspired by J.L. Godard – “Pierrot Le Fou”
The candidates of the show “Viennas next top Artist” (Brut Künstlerhaus, Wien) were asked to interpret and reenact scenes of the movie in order to present themself.

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I Proudly present …

my installation skia has been at ICT & ART connect in the big hall of BOZAR in Brussels

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I participated at this Years Edition of the Biennale Mediascape in Zagreb with the Theme: “Tactical Topics”.
Initially i was invited by the Curator Isin Önol to show my installation “skia”, but as a very sad fact one of the organizers of the Biennale died, Heiko Daxl.
Ingeborg Fülepp managed to organize the exhibition by herself, but unfortunately she was not able to provide the technical requirements to exhibit “skia“. So she asked me to show “disc.” instead, which hadn´t been exhibited since 2 years. This was a bit of a challenge, because it needed to be repaired and restored. But when i saw the picture of the exhibition space HDLU i was amazed by the formal affinity.



As in every international exhibition you got to know some very interesting artists. Besides others, one of them i have to mention is Michael Saup
He made a very nice atmospheric diary of the exhibition he dedicated to Heiko Daxl, who he knew personally.

Zagreb Diary from Michael Saup on Vimeo.

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skia @ sinopale 4, turkey

Isin Önol invited me to participate at Sinopale4, the 4th Biennale in Sinop, Turkey with my installation “skia”
The Exhibition took place in an old prison in Sinop at the Black Sea


skia @ sinopale 4 from muk on Vimeo.

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cameratracking online resources

I assembled a collection of resources, videos, installations, theory, history around the topic “cameratracking” with loads of links. of course its not complete and just a snapshot in time > things are moving forward day by day. especially with the fantastic work of the ever growing opensource community! but please send me an email if you have modification suggestions.
you can also find the minmap as html file here (full resolution, but needs java) and the mindmap file here. created with freemind
I also uploaded the presentation as pdf here – (the videos and explanations are missing)
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POTENTIAL TERRORIST @ Premiere of the documentary “War on Terror” at the Gartenbaukino 5.12.2011, Vienna

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skia @ media opera Rinderhallen St.Marx, Vienna

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POTENTIAL TERRORIST @ coded cultures festival 2011

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skia@media opera 14.10.11

skia will be exhibited at the Media Opera Summer Season Closing Event on FR 14.10.2011 organized by salon projektionist

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(deutsche version weiter unten)

installation with interactive projection at the Coded Cultures Festival 2011 from 23.9.-8.10.2011 daily 19.00 – 24.00 @ quartier21, Museumsquartier Vienna

After the World Trade Center the international safety regulations were tightened and the fear of terrorism has spread. However, the preventive measures taken under the pretext of security and the war against terrorism are about to constrain fundamental rights and the freedom of people. The recently enacted data retention in Austria or the article § 278a, known as the “mafia article” are the kind of arrangements aimed at preventing terrorism.

The recent trial about the animal rights activists in Austria is a good example of the misuse of these measures. However, retention and mafia paragraphs are only part of the international anti-terrorism measures which also include facial recognition, RFID, the collection of biometric data, …

These methods are based on the potential threat by every individual person, who therefore becomes a potential terrorist. There is general agreement about taking actions against terrorism, but not everybody is aware of the downsides, like restraints on their freedom. POTENTIAL TERRORIST wants to raise the conscious awareness about these possible dangers.

technical explanation
The infrared camera captures the entire area that is illuminated by infrared lights and sends the image to a software that analyzes and detects any movement on the court. If a person is identified, its position coordinates are analyzed and transformed into the data to navigate the projection. At the same time the software generates the visual information that is displayed on the video projector.
All technology is installed at the same height and position as the widely used surveillance cameras.
The software however has no built-in recognition of specific personal characteristics and doesn´t store any data.

On behalf of the authorities in charge it is not allowed to project “POTENTIAL TERRORIST” onto people because of the potential risk of mental disorder. Therefore the concept of the work had to be changed.

the exhibition is realized in cooperation with quartier21 and Coded Cultures Festival.

in case of questions feel free to contact the artist Andreas .muk. Haider via email or tel. +43.650.5937886


deutsche Version:
Installation mit interaktiver Projektion beim Coded Cultures Festival 2011 23.9.-8.10.2011 @ quartier21, Museumsquartier Vienna

Seit den Anschlägen auf das World Trade Center wurden die internationalen Sicherheitsbestimmungen verschärft und die Angst vor dem Terrorismus breitete sich aus. Unter dem Vorwand der Sicherheit schränken die Präventivmassnahmen der Terrorbekämpfung immer mehr die Grundrechte und Freiheit der Menschen ein. Die in Österreich vor kurzem beschlossene Vorratsdatenspeicherung oder der als Mafia-Paragraf bekannte §278a sind solche Massnahmen die unter dem Deckmantel des Kampfes gegen den Terrorismus gerechtfertigt werden. Dass solche Massnahmen jedoch leider oft missbräuchlich und ungerechtfertigt eingesetzt werden, zeigte der in Österreich laufende Tierschutzprozess.

Jedoch sind Vorratsdatenspeicherung und Mafia-Paragrafen nur ein Teil der gesamten Massnahmen internationaler Terrorbekämpfung, zu denen weiters das sammeln biometrischer Daten, Gesichtserkennung, RFID, Rasterfahndung, Nacktscanner, usw. zählen.
Diese Methoden gehen grundsätzlich von der möglichen Bedrohung jedes Einzelnen aus. Jeder Mensch wird dadurch zum potentiellen Terroristen.
Auch wenn sich alle darüber einig sind, dass gegen Terrorismus vorgegangen werden muss, wissen die wenigsten über die Gefahren, die die erforderlichen Mitteln für jeden Einzelnen darstellen, bescheid.
Die Arbeit POTENTIAL TERRORIST möchte diese Tatsache ins Bewusstsein der Menschen rufen und auf mögliche Gefahren hinweisen.

Technische Erklärung
Die Infrarotkamera erfasst die gesamte Interaktionsfläche, die durch den Infrarotscheinwerfer ausgeleuchtet ist und sendet das Bild an eine Software, die es analysiert und jede Bewegung am Platz erkennt. Wird dabei eine Person identifiziert, werden ihre Positionskoordinaten von einer Software ausgewertet und die visuelle Information mittels Videoprojektion auf das Geschehen projiziert.
Die gesamte Technik ist auf gleicher Höhe und Position wie die weit verbreiteten Überwachungskameras, die mittlerweile jeden öffentlichen Platz überwachen, installiert.
Jedoch speichert die Software dabei keine Daten und verfügt auch über keine Erkennung von personenspezifischen Merkmalen.

Aufgrund der potentiellen Gefahr von psychischen Störungen darf seitens der zuständigen Behörden nicht “POTENTIAL TERRORIST” auf Passanten projiziert werden, woraufhin das Konzept geändert werden musste.

Ausstellung 23.9.-8.10.2011, quartier21, MQ Wien:
Coded Cultures Festival 2011

Die Ausstellung wurde realisiert in Kooperation mit dem quartier21 und dem Coded Cultures Festival.

Im Falle von Fragen stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung via email oder tel. +43.650.5937886

the project was realized with the friendly support of Wien Kultur MA7 and VideoMovingSystem Vienna

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